9 Examples of Successful No-Code Projects In 2021

Here is a curated list of 9 successful no-code projects that you can draw inspiration from. Some of these projects are doing millions in yearly revenue. 

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Kibi.One is a no-code SaaS incubation program focused on helping non-technical founders build software companies. Visit our homepage to learn more about our program.

A Roundup List of 9 Successful No-Code Projects

Today at Kibi.One we’re going to look at some examples of successful no-code projects. Some of the projects on this list are raking in tens of thousands of dollars per month in revenue. Others, we don’t have financials for, but we believe they use no-code tools in unique ways, which allow them to serve as inspiration to other no-code markers who are reading this post.

So now, let’s jump in and explore our list of 9 successful no code projects.

10. Turf.Press

Turf.Press is a no-code SaaS project that helps real estate companies that manage multi-family properties manage their tenants online. Turf.Press uses a heavily customized version of WordPress to deliver its product to its customers. In the first month of business, Turf.Press made over $4000 in sales.  

9. Makerpad

The first project on our list is Makerpad. Makerpad is a platform designed to help makers build things without code. However, Makerpad itself is a no-code platform. Their financial details are no longer available after taking on an investment round, but previous to this, the site’s financials were verified through stripe and being made public on sites like Indie Hackers and Twitter. On this archived twitter post, you can see the site was making between 20K – 30K in recurring revenue late last year.

8. Rebel Book Club

This is a really interesting example of a no-code project. Rebel Book Club is a book club which organizes meetups in different locations around the world. It uses a monthly subscription model which brings in almost $19,000 in recurring revenue each month. The project was built using tools like Stikingly, Typeform and GoCardless.

7. Sovereign Moon Studios

Sovereign Moon Studios is a no-code game development course we run and in a very short period of time we’ve managed to rank our website for all of our main keywords and scale our YouTube channel up to over 20,000 views!

6. Feature Monkey

Feature Monkey is another example of a no-code platform that I think makes really creative use of no-code technology to accomplish a very specific set of tasks. Feature Monkey was built in only 2 weeks and was built using, Zapier (for Facebook and Twitter integration), Google NLP Toolkit for the AI needs, and Slack for sending email notifications.

5. Lead Cookie

Lead Cookie is a LinkedIn prospecting no code productized service that scaled from zero to over 40K in recurring revenue in only 7 months! They use airtable as one of their no-code weapons of choice to keep their client’s leads organized.

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4. Kibi.One

At Kibi.One we used no-code development tools to build our online incubator.

3. Mirror Mirror

Next, in the list we have Mirror Mirror. I think this is a really interesting project and it’s quite different from others in the list. I couldn’t find any financial information on the platform, but it’s a very creative use of no-code technology.

Essentially Mirror Mirror helps you make the right choice with simple A/B user testing tools. There are many different things you can A/B test from headers, to calls to actions, buttons and many other things.

2. Lambda School

Lambda School is a coding bootcamp with a unique take on monetization (courses are free, but they take a cut of your salary after you get hired). Last year it was valued at around $150 million dollars. Interestingly, it was built using no-code tools for admissions, teaching and career placement.

For example, previously they used Typeform for their application process because it allowed for conditional logic flow. Then, after an application came in, the applicant would be sent a Calendly link to schedule an interview. Next, Zapier was used to push the data into SalesForce and then various automations would happen which would result in emails being sent to inform applicants about the next steps with regards to their application.

For course work they were using the Learndash plugin for WordPress, which is a cheap $200 Learning management plugin.

As you can see in this example, it doesn’t take expensive code to run a $100 million dollar company.

1. Hey Marketers

Hey Marketers is a no-code online job board for tech professionals which allows job posters to pay whatever they want for a job listing. Unfortunately, I was only able to find the financials from last year. But as of September of last year, Hey Marketers was doing about $1000 / month in sales.

As far as tech goes, webflow was used as the actual job board and then an embeddable typeform was used to capture job listings. The typeform would then send the data to a Google Sheet and then a Zap sends it from the Google Sheet into the Webflow CMS.

As you can see, Hey Marketers is a beautiful site, with a really easy no-code backend.


I hope you’ve found this roundup list helpful and you’ve been inspired by the wide range of projects you can build using no-code tools.
Thanks for stopping by today.

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Kibi.One is a no-code SaaS incubation program focused on helping non-technical founders build software companies. Visit our homepage to learn more about our program.

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