Build a Blockchain Application in 2 Months (Without Code)

Hi. We’re Kibi.One. We help non-technical founders and entrepreneurs build blockchain and crypto products without having to know how to program.  

Building Blockchain dApps Has Never Been Easier

Hi! 👋 We’re Kibi.One and we’ve built countless no-code web businesses over the years. Our last product we scaled to over $10,000 / month in 6 months. We know a thing or two about how to build, launch and market no-code blockchain platforms.

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Get First Mover Advantage in This Wide Open Space

Traditionally, developing blockchain applications has been technically complex, time consuming and expensive. It’s required an advanced and very specific skillset. However, with recent advancements in various no-code tools and the accessibility of blockchains through APIs, non-technical people and no-code entrepreneurs can now build applications in this wide open space.

What Blockchain dApps Can You Build Without Code?

When you enroll in our program you’ll acquire the skills to be able to build exchanges, marketplaces, crypto trackers, wallets, crypto data platforms, NFT marketplaces, interactive games, asset exchanges and much more.

You’ll learn how to interact and interface with many different crypto and blockchain platforms including API service providers like CoinGecko and blockchains like Nexus, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon & Fantom.

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Our No-Code Course Will Literally Change Your Future

We’ve designed our online course to have a transformative effect on the lives of our students. We not only want our students to learn valuable new skills, but also develop a digital asset that holds real value. Our course is “outcomes based”, meaning that you workshop your own idea(s) as you progress through the course. By the time you complete the course, you’ll have launched and monetized your very own no-code blockchain project.

You could then scale your project and improve your MRR each month, or sell the project to help you fund your next idea.

Easy to Follow Step by Step Instructions

Our 40 + hour program teaches you everything you need to know in order to build a no-code blockchain application. We start with the fundamental buildings blocks (HTML, CSS, JS, working with APIs, reading JSON file formats, working with no-code databases, bubble etc.) and then we start applying that knowledge to building blockchain applications.

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No-Code To Low-Code Development

In our experience we have had a lot of success with “low code” projects. Learning a little bit of code will go a long way in helping you build and monetize your blockchain project. Learning the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript will give you more control over your platform. You’ll learn these skills in our course. 


No-Code Blockchain User Interface (UI)

You’ll learn how to use WordPress as well as Bubble as your application’s main user interface. Not only do we teach you how to create the application logic and workflows required to make your application function properly, but we also teach you the design principles required to make your application look good!      

Create Tokens, Assets, NFTs ++

In our course you’ll learn how to create your own blockchain tokens, cryptocurrencies, crypto assets  and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). You’ll also learn how to allow your users to interact with these digital tokens as well as how to chart changes in price, volume or other important metrics regarding these tokens. 

Connect to Blockchains w APIs

APIs will provide you with the opportunity to connect with and interact with various blockchains as well as smart contracts on those blockchains. APIs will act as the glue that binds your application to existing blockchains. We teach you how to use APIs to interact with blockchains.

Nexus, Binance & More

You’ll learn how to build applications on various blockchains including Nexus and Binance. You’ll learn how to create tokens and assets, transfer crypto through APIs, interact with smart contracts, deploy smart contracts, create NFTs, transfer NFTs and much more! 

No-Code Blockchain Marketing

We scaled web platforms that receive millions of views on a yearly basis. After you have completed your no-code blockchain application, we will teach you how to market your blockchain project online using our feisty, low cost (or free) bootstrapped growth strategies. 

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Learn From the BEST No-Code Blockchain Entrepreneurs 

We’ve built no-code and low-code blockchain and SaaS products for the last 20 years. We’ve made millions of dollars scaling our software projects. If you want to model your own success after ours, then enroll in our course today. 

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