Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you will find our FAQ. If you have a question that is not covered below, please feel free to reach out to us. We try to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours (although usually we’re much quicker). 

Bring Your Dreams of Building Software Products To Life

Hi! We’re Kibi.One! We help non-technical entrepreneurs build software products. You might have a few questions about how our incubator program works. We’ve decided this page to help answer the mostly commonly asked questions. If you can’t find the answer to your question on this page, feel free to reach out to us. We’re a friendly bunch and we’d be happy to help.

How long is the program and how is it structured?

Our programs is flexible. The course itself contains over 40 hours of content in the form of code sandboxes, videos, hands-on assessments and worksheets.

Our incubator program consists of two tracks.

The first track is a marketing track where you’ll learn more about our idea vetting framework. In this track we also open up our own 8 stage organic growth playbook to you. In this track you’ll learn how we built a SaaS platform in 30 days and then had the platform monetized (organically without paid ads) by day 64. 

The second track is our tech track. This track consists of many courses that are designed to help no-coders build better products. This section of our incubator program also focuses on transforming no-coders into low-coders. We’ve found the majority of our success by being able to build the exact products we want (rather than the products no-code tools allow you to build). Therefore, the first few courses in our tech track focus on teaching you the fundamentals of coding.

What Makes Kibi.One Different?

First and foremost we’re entrepreneurs who run successful platforms built using no-code tools. Knowing how to build a platform is only half the battle. Learning how to monetize what you build is equally important. In our marketing track you’ll watch us go through a “live build” where we take a project from absolute ZERO (new domain, new idea, new product) and we build AND monetize it within a short period of time. In every case it’s different, but in the current live build example within our course, we were able to monetize the platform we built using organic (non-paid) methods within 34 days after the product was finished being built. In total, to build and monetize the platform within our marketing track took us 64 days.

Do I get instant access after signing up?
Yes. The entire system is automated and you’ll be able to login and start learning immediately after you make payment.
How much does it cost?

The current price of our incubator program can be found at the bottom of our homepage.

How long can I access the program materials for?
While we try to focus on pushing participants through the course in 2-6 months, that’s not always possible. Some people have family, school or work obligations which make it harder for them to commit a lot of time each week to the program.

For this reason, we give participants in our incubator program three years to complete the course.

Tell me more about the online collaboration area

It’s simple, clean, easy to navigate and encourages community participation. Here are some screenshots from our learning center.


How do you teach coding?

As you progress through our milestones you’ll be required to follow along and in order to do this you’ll need to learn how to code. However, not to worry, because we will use our online learning system and embedded code pens to learn the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and APIs.

Non-programmers often assume that programming is a really difficult subject to learn. However, that’s not the case at all.  In our online course, we put a heavy focus on making the process of learning how to code as fun and easy as possible. Similarly, there are no costs associated with learning to code because all of the software we use in our course is free and / or open source software.

Do You Own Our Projects?

No. We have no rights to your project(s) whatsoever. Everything you build will be owned and maintained by you.

Do I get one on one coaching? Live calls etc?

We do not providing 1:1 coaching. To do so would require a major increase in our course price. That said, our course shares everything we know about the SaaS development and marketing process. We leave nothing left unsaid. If you have a specific question that is unanwered in our course material, you can always start a chat in our student HUB or private message us within the application. We’ll give detailed responses to any questions you have that fall outside of our regular course material.

Who's Behind Kibi?

Hello. My name is Sterling and I’m the founder of Kibi.One. My personal background over the last 20 years has primarily been in software development, planning and design. I’ve built countless software products ranging from learning management systems to complex financial modeling software. I started Kibi.One back in 2020 in order to teach others how to build and monetize no-code products from scratch. However, I don’t run Kibi alone. In total, we’re a small team of five. We started with the mission to publish practical and in-depth no-code content over on our YouTube channel and we’ve grown organically since then.

What's Your Refund Policy

Kibi.One has a 7 day no questions asked refund policy. If you ask for a refund, we will issue you a refund immediately and remove your access to the incubator program.

However, we also a full refund (plus $100) if our incubator program does not produce a positive ROI for you compared to the price of our program. If you take us up on this offer, we do not remove your access to the incubator program. You’ll continue to have access for 2 years after enrollment.

This policy means that we guarantee that the full sale value of the digital asset you build will be higher than the enrollment cost of our program (not the amount you spend building your platform). Let us explain what this means and what this does not mean.

What this means: Let’s imagine that you enroll in our program for $600. This means that we guarantee that you that after you’re done our program you’ll be able to sell the full platform you built on a public market at a price higher than the enrollment cost of our course. In this case, we would guarantee that the platform you build could be sold on public market for a price greater than $600. This means someone would be willing to purchase your entire platform, website, underlying tech, associated social media channels, brand and domain name at a price higher than $600. In this case, if your platform is valued at less than the cost enrollment in our program, we will buy your platform from you for the cost of your enrollment plus give you an extra $100. Keep in mind however, that in order to request a buyout, you need to have followed all of the steps within our incubator program, including all of the organic (NOT paid) marketing steps involved.

What this does not mean: It should be mentioned that we don’t guarantee a positive ROI based on your overall investment. We ONLY guarantee that your platform will be valued at a full buy-out price higher than the price of enrollment in our course. ROI is measured based on your investment in our program, not your application. Similarly, the time you invest in educating yourself in our platform and building your application are not taken into consideration in the valuation. For example, if you spent 50 hours building your application, $60,000 on a domain name, $30,000 on paid ads and another $10,000 on technology (total investment $100,000), we do not guarantee that you could sell that platform for over your investment ($100,000 in this example). We don’t control your spending so of course we couldn’t make this offer. However, we do control the price of our course, and therefore we can promise a ROI based on our course’s price at the time of enrollment. Similarly, our course takes a more bootstrapped and feisty approach to growth. We do not recommend building expensive platforms or buying paid ads. Instead we focus on teaching you how to use affordable (or free) tools to build your application and organic strategies to grow.

This all means that after you have completed our program, the platform you’ve built within our incubator program should be valued at a higher buy out price than the cost of enrollment in our program. If your platform is not valued at a price higher than the cost of enrollment in our incubator program we’ll give you your enrollment fee back as well as give you an extra $100 and you can keep access to the course. Keep in mind, that you are not obligated to sell to us, if your valuation is lower. We just present it to you as an option. Similarly, at our discretion, if you decide you want to sell to us, we can decide to pay you for your platform without acquiring your website assets. For example, if you’ve build something that we believe would be a liability or a risk for our studio, we will pay you the buy-out price (discussed above) without acquiring your platform.

These are the conditions: In order for us to buy your platform the following conditions need to be met.

1. You must have completed the incubator program in its entirety. In order to create a valuable platform, you must follow the steps outlined in our program.
2. You must have followed the steps and completed the tasks outlined in our marketing modules. If you have not completed those steps, we will not buy your platform from you.
3. If you have completed all of the build and marketing steps and your platform still does not hold a value equal to or greater than your cost of enrollment, then we will buy your platform from you at exactly the cost of your enrollment (including any discounts) plus and extra $100.
4. We will buy your domain name from you at the price you paid for it (proof of purchase with price will be required) to a maximum price of up to $100.
4. We will complete the transfer through escrow. We will upload the funds into an escrow account and you will be required to send us the following deliverables:

1. The domain your platform is hosted on.
2. A copy of your website, all databases and media.
3. Any marketing assets that were created during development time.
4. All project social accounts including by not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts.
5. Google analytics account.
6. All software licenses that are required to make your platform run properly.
7. All emails, including historical record of any email exchanges with customers.
8. All other deliverables that would be required to continue working on the project without any restrictions.

Once the deliverables have been tested (7 day testing period), we will then transfer you the funds for your project. After this point, we will own full rights to the platform and will have the ability to continue working on it or sell it.

Who is this course good for and not good for?

This course is great for anyone who wants to build logic based applications. The main limitation of no-code tools (to date) are their inability to handle complex image or video processing requirements. For example, building something like Photoshop or video editing software would be very hard to do with no code tools (because they rely on powerful image processing tools), where building something like HubSpot or Twitter (which are logic based) would be much easier.

Are you an agency? Will you build my project for me?

No. We are not an agency. We are a startup studio and spend most of our time building our own products.

Where are you located?

We are a small and fully distributed team with members in the UK, Canada, Latin America and Asia. To learn more about our company visit our TOC page