15 SaaS Founders Tell us How Long It Took Them to Hit $2000 MRR

We asked 15 SaaS founders how long it took them to reach $2000 in monthly recurring revenue (MRR). Their answers are below. 

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How Long To hit $2000 MRR?

Over the next couple of days Kibi.One will have some very special posts being published on our SaaS marketing blog. We’ve interviewed dozens of SaaS founders and asked them intimate questions about the inner workings of their SaaS companies.

Today, we bring you the next installment from our expert roundup series. Once again, we’ve brought the founders together to ask them the following question: 

“How long did it take you to hit $2000 MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)?”

1. Claude Schneider, Founder of 
SmarterQueue | Social Media Automation Platform

From the first paying customers bringing us $250 MRR, it took 6 months to hit $2,000 – only because we were still limiting how many people we invited to onboard. We then hit $20k MRR in the next 6 months after that, then $40k 6 months later. Our team grew from just me in 2016, to 15 people in 2018. We’re a fully-remote company, with our team spread across Canada, USA, UK, Spain, and Italy, and we’re still hiring across all roles!

2. Karsten Madsen, CEO of morningscore | SEO Platform

9 months. Basically happened when we ended the BETA in September 2018.

3. Emad From CyberStockroom | Inventory Management Platform

The first $1000 MRR was hard. It took almost 2 years and we pivoted several times before we got there. Part of the problem was that although we are a B2B business our pricing was way too low. I think it’s common for early stage SaaS companies to feel insecure and to underprice their product. That was definitely our case.

As far as $2000 MRR: This came much faster. Maybe a few months later. We had ironed out a lot of the retention problems and our pricing made much more sense for B2B.

4. Mike Myer, CEO of Quiq | Business Messaging Platform

Our deal size starts at $500 per month and climbs from there depending on number of conversations. We have 4 figure to upper 6 figure deals. It took us about 11 months to hit our first $1M in ARR.

It took us 8 more months to hit $2M ARR.

5. Peter Coppinger, CEO and co-founder of Teamwork | Collaboration Platform

We launched in October 2007 and hit $2000 MRR in December of 2008 so about 13 months.

6. Faik From dbBee | Spreadsheet Publishing Platform

About 8 months for $1000 MRR. And for $2000 MRR… We’re not there yet unfortunately. 

7. Tobias Knobl, CEO of Mailbutler | Email Platform

Thanks to our loyal group of users it only took us around two weeks to hit this target. Here’s why: the features already existed before Mailbutler was founded. People were able to purchase them as individual plug-ins which is why the features already had somewhat of a fanbase prior to the launch of Mailbutler. This means that the actual product and the company itself were already semi-established back then.

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8. Michael Payne From Intervals | Time Tracking & Task Management 

6 months to hit $1000 MRR. 4 more months to hit $2000 MRR. So 10 months total to hit $2K MRR.

9. Kaushal Sutaria From MyEasyISO | Compliance Platform

We had our first subscriber in the 4th month. It was for 1,000 $ MRR. We also hit $2000 MRR our first month as well. 

10. Jake, CoFounder From Dubsado | Business Management Platform

We made $15 – $30 in our first month. Maybe a couple hundred in the second month. And until we hit $4k in MRR, we constantly doubted ourselves. We hit $4k MRR roughly speaking by our second quarter.

11. Casey Sullivan, Founder of Bookafy | Appointment Booking Platform 

We hit $1000 MRR almost immediately. Our beta customers were asked to refer a customer or two… and right away we had enough customers to get over the $1,000 mark. $2000 MRR came within the first few months. 

12. Kyle Racki, CoFounder From Proposify | Sales Platform

It took 18 months after launch to hit $1,000 MRR. It took one additional month (19 months after launch) to hit $2,000 MRR and we started to scale from there. 

13. Piotr Łapiński, Marketing Manager Konfeo | Event Registration Platform

12 months to reach $1000 MRR. 18 months to reach $2000 MRR. 

14. Amrish, Pixpa | Portfolio Platform 

It took us over a year to hit $1000 MRR. From there it took 6 more months to hit $2000 MRR. 

15. Team From RationalPlan | Project Management Platform

2-3 months to hit $1000. About 6 months to hit $2000. 


I hope you’ve found this roundup list helpful and you’ve been inspired by the wide range of projects that other software entrepreneurs have built! 

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