I Own 12 Micro-Startups Valued at Over 1 Million

We look at micro-startups as their own asset class. Just as investors buy stocks or real estate, we too buy assets. But our asset of choice is revenue generating websites. 

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Kibi.One is a no-code SaaS incubation program focused on helping non-technical founders build software companies. Visit our homepage to learn more about our program.

How We Got Started in The World of Micro-Startup Investing

Did you know that Kibi.One is just one of 12 projects we run within our Startup studio? In this video I’m going to share with you traffic and revenue details for some of the other No-Code, SaaS and agency projects within our portfolio.

How We Build Our Micro-Startups

First of all, building 12 different platforms didn’t happen overnight. In another tutorial I talked about how I used to flip no-code, saas, e-course and productized service sites at a profit. In that tutorial I talked about how I scaled a site up to $16,000 / month in revenue within about a year and then flipped it for $80,000 on Flippa.

Around the same time I scaled a site to around $5 to $6 k MRR and then sold that site for $60,000. Just after that, we then sold another site that was doing just under $20,000 / month privately for around $250,000.

However, I stopped flipping about 3 years ago, because I see websites as such a valuable asset class that are worth way more than the average buyer is willing to pay, so since then, I have been on a building spree and have been focused on playing the long game and building up a valuable portfolio of projects, rather than building and flipping for one-off lump sum payments.

Since I stopped selling, each year, I’ve managed to build and launch between 2 – 4 projects / year.

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So What Sites Do I Own?

So currently my projects are no-code projects, SaaS products, e-courses, incubators, marketplaces, directories, productized services or agencies.

So in total, we currently run 12 projects, but in this tutorial I want to walk you through a few of our most recent launches.

No-Code Game Design Course: So first, we launched a no-code game development site called Sovereign Moon Studios about 4-5 months ago. As an experiment, we’ve taken a YouTube-First approach to growth in a quest to see how much YouTube growth impacts overall site performance. In our first month, we only made 3 sales for a total of $237 / month, but since then we’ve grown a decent speed. This project is by no means our fastest scale up, but even still, we’re now just about to pass 300 subscribers in 4 months and we’re now at over 18,000 views on our videos. The most popular YouTube channel we run has 80,000 subscribers and millions of video views, but all projects have to start somewhere, so so far, I think this project is off to a good start.

No-Code Real Estate SaaS & Agency: Next, we also run a project called Turf.Press. Now Turf.Press started a site dedicated to helping multifamily real estate entrepreneurs manage their properties online.

We used our software licencing arbitrage model, which I go into in much more detail in another video on our channel, to build a no-code SaaS platform that we could sell at a profit. We also realized that beyond needing access to our technological expertise, our clients also needed help scaling. Because we run a startup studio, we need to have our own scaling and growth framework perfected, and therefore we started just plugging our clients into our growth system and they pay us a monthly retainer to help them gain both organic and paid awareness. Now because Turf.Press is a service company and has higher price points, we were able to scale this property much quicker. In fact, in 30 days we scaled this web property from ZERO to just over $4300 / month in recurring revenue. It’s of course grown since it’s first month, but as you can see, we got this project off to a pretty good start.

No-code SaaS incubator: Next, I want to talk about Kibi.One. Kibi.One is our no-code SaaS incubator program where we help non-technical founders and entrepreneurs launch SaaS application or platform businesses without having to know how to code. Once a user signs up, they get thrown right into our outcomes based incubator where they will complete coding challenges and workshop their projects with us. They can also get involved in group discussion and our team essentially acts as sort of accountability partners helping ensure that the projects within our incubator program come out the other side successful. I love this project, because even though it’s a newer project within our portfolio it’s our first time experimenting with a pay per performance pricing model and so far it’s working really well for us.

Our pricing model for this platform is unique because it works like this. Essentially, members of our program sign up in order to workshop their idea in our program. We help them properly build and monetize their platform, and then we help them grow and maximize their platform’s earning potential.

Now our programi s pay / performance because essentially, we guarantee a return on investment from the amount that members pay to enroll in the incubator program. So if what you build doesn’t have a value equal to or higher than our enrollment price, then we buy your platform from you at the cost you spent to enroll in the incubator and we give you an extra $100.

I like this model from an education standpoint because it aligns both our members interest in creating a platform that generates a new monthly income stream, while removing the risk on their end because essentially they get more than a 100% refund if they don’t realize an ROI from enrolling in our No-Code incubator program.

This means we can’t over=promise and underdeliver like many education platforms do. If anything we need to underpromise and overdeliver. But the reason we can be so confident about this is because we’ve just done this so many times and we know the value of these digital assets so this offer is very low risk for us as well.

So that’s Again, there is a link and coupon code for $100 off below if you’re interested in learning more about and potentially enrolling in this program.

We Own Many Other Micro-Startups as Well

Now, we have many other platforms as well. Many of our older, more established platforms do between 5K to 40K / month. Our goal is to try to get all of our platforms doing over 10K / month.

And as I mention in our other YouTube videos, we only share a limited amount of information about our projects on our YouTube channel, if you want access to more in-depth granular information about the exact domains we run and how much money they make, just sign up for our newsletter. We share much more detailed information with our newsletter subscribers.

You’ll learn more about some of the other platforms we run, like our quantified Self SaaS platform where we help our users visualize their performance in different areas of their life. We also run various platform businesses that allow people to launch complex platforms like multi-vendor marketplaces, communities and directories without having to know how to code.


But to keep this video short, I just wanted to share these three new platforms with you. So if you want to know the other platform we run, just sign up for our newsletter, using the link in the description below.

Also, remember, leave us a comment below and let us know more about the projects that you’re currently working on.

Thanks for stopping by today.

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Kibi.One is a no-code SaaS incubation program focused on helping non-technical founders build software companies. Visit our homepage to learn more about our program.

Build SaaS Platforms Without Code

Kibi.One is a platform development incubator that helps non-technical founders and entrepreneurs build software companies without having to know how to code. 

We're so sure of our program, that if it's doesn't generate a positive ROI for you, we'll buy your platform from you. Watch the video to the right to learn more.