SEO Value Calculator

We’re big believers in content marketing and organic growth through SEO. Use the calculator below to see the cost savings you’ll realize by not having to rely on paid ads. 

The  Value of SEO Compared to Paid Ads

We’ve designed the calculator on this page to help you better understand the benefits of organic growth and content marketing vs. paid ads growth.

With paid ads you need to pay every single month for the awareness you want.

However, with content marketing and SEO, you only pay once upfront and then benefit from the awareness for years to come. 

How does this calculator work?

Every keyword has a monthly search volume. However, only the top results in organic search receive traffic from those search queries. Each ranking gets approximately the following percentage of organic awareness:

1st position: 33%
2nd position: 18%
3rd position: 11%
4th position: 8%
5th position: 6%
6th to 10th position: 3%

The top three positions receive over 50% of all organic awareness.

As you can see, our calculator shows you your expected traffic based on your organic ranking. The calculator will then show you the recurring monthly cost you’d need to pay if you were to gain that awareness through paid ads. 

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